Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’

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Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) ‘Autumn Bliss’ is a primocane, autumn-fruiting deciduous raspberry that produces fruit in the first year of growth. It is a heavy cropping variety which produces large, fine-flavoured berries on the upper part of the current season’s canes from July through to autumn.

It’s resistance to raspberry root rot makes it more likely to succeed in gardens which aren’t completely pest or disease free. Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’ is an excellent choice for a sunny, sheltered area of the garden. They are especially good for growing in containers as they don’t require a lot of support and the pruning is minimal. Primocane varieties produce flowers and fruit on stems grown in the same year. Most Autumn fruiting varieties are primocanes. Summer fruiting varieties are usually Floricane raspberries which have stems that grow for one year before bearing fruit and flowers.

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