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Customer Profile: Orlock Point Garden Design

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Today we meet our lovely customers Jill and Bill and find out about their Orlock Point garden design.  

Bill, a retired Gas Engineer, had wanted a project since he left work. He was looking to build something special and interesting. When the two found the ‘pink house’ at Gun Point, they knew they had found their forever home. 

Orlock Point garden design 

Creating the right garden was important for Jill. Prior to moving to Gun Point, she and Bill lived in Bangor in a Victorian Terrace with a stunning view of the Marina. A lovely home, the family nonetheless shared their garden with neighbours, and there was little space for creativity. Gun Point, however, was a large canvas ready for some green thumb attention. Jill visited a local nursery from where she made many purchases. Excited to get underway, she began to transform the garden. The problem? Few plants caught on. Despite her knowledge and her best efforts, nothing was taking. Jill returned to the nursery, explained the situation, and asked for someone to perhaps pop over and see her garden. She was told that wasn’t possible, it was not a service they could offer. 

Christmas trees and an encounter 

Thankfully, the festive season was approaching, and they needed a Christmas tree. 

As it turns out, there was a sign on the road not too far from their house pointing to Christmas trees for sale. Off they went. It was Jill’s first encounter with Kylestone Nurseries, and she was delighted. These guys really knew their stuff. They were excited to talk gardens. They had plenty of beautiful stock. Jill wondered aloud if the team might come visit her garden and offer some advice. Not a problem at all, they were more than happy to help. As soon as the Christmas madness was over, they’d touch base.

Sure enough, Jill received a call in the New Year. Kylestone made a visit and spent several hours wandering her garden, taking notes and asking her plenty of questions about her vision. A few days later, the team sent Jill a recommendation of what would work best where, and when. Her garden was about to get some expert attention. 

Palm tree in front of house, blue sky

Jill, Bill, their family and Kylestone Nurseries 

Fast forward, and Jill could not be happier. 

Not only is the Gun Point garden flourishing, but the Kylestone crew has been looking after Jill’s extended family all through lockdown. Jill remembers the start of the pandemic catching everyone by surprise. Nobody was prepared, and businesses started closing. There was so much uncertainty. Jill watched as the Kylestone crew stepped up. Despite the pandemic, they invested in and increased their fresh produce range. Immediately, they set about offering free home delivery. They did everything they possibly could to support their community and help when it was most needed.

Jill frequently bought vegetable boxes from Kylestone Farm Shop  for family and friends in the area. They were a huge hit; they loved their weekly delivery, knowing it was super fresh and most of it locally sourced. Jill saw first-hand how hard the Kylestone team worked, and how quick they were to change tact so as to best help and serve their customers. 

A walk and a cuppa 

Since that first lockdown, Jill has seen every stage of Kylestone’s re-imagining. She watched the nursery expand to include a fully-fledged farm shop, a cafe stop and a deli destination. She loves having a walk and finishing on the decking for a nice hot cup of tea. She’s looking forward to the day when a walk, a talk and an on-site cuppa is once again a normal event. In the meantime, the farm shop remains open and free home delivery is always available.  

It was a real delight for us to be able to help with Jill and Bill’s Orlock Point garden design. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have about your own garden – we could talk plants all day! Visit our online plant nursery and contact us if you have any questions!

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