Bedding Plants

We have a good stock of bedding plants and plants for hanging baskets arriving this Thursday (7th May0, ready for a busy weekend in the garden…

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7 Thoughts to “Bedding Plants”

  1. Cathy Zecevic

    Can you please let me know if you have any trailing bedding plants due Thursday e.g surfinia, calibrocea etc I will hold off my order till then…

    1. Paul

      Yes we have some, proving very difficult to get. Will be adding them later tonight.
      Thanks for your enquiry

  2. christine.quinn-6858

    Hi Paul , I seen on your FB Lilac Tree two colours . I thought I’d ordered one ? Or left a message below asking for one to be added to my order. There were some other plants but I can’t find all now in the Shop.
    Do you have any lilac tree/ shrubs ? There was two colours ???
    Thanks Paul

    1. Paul

      Hi Christine, the first batch of lilac sold within a day. I’m just about to add them again as they have just arrived again. You can order on there and we will get it to you. More shrubs going on again.
      Thanks again for your support. We really appreciate it.

  3. Yvonne Bennett

    Are you open to the public these days?


    1. Paul

      11 to 4.00 with strict distancing.

  4. christine.quinn-6858

    Hi Paul .
    Will you add these items to my order coming .

    Paul will you take of my £8 Credit ( two forget me nots plants I am waiting for) of this order .
    I seen some lovely daisies in your collage but not in the Shop . If you have them please add them to my order red , pink , yellow .
    Paul thank you for this .

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